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ORADeveloper Privacy Policy

ORADeveloper may save your connection information (including password) on disk if you want to. You can choose to save your connection with password or not. All passwords are encrypted and stored in private app memory area which is inaccessible by other programs. Passwords are using only for connecting and reconnecting to database.

Xiaomi Redmi 4. How to increase incoming call voice level.

First, you need to root your device. Second, you need to open /system/etc/mixer_path_mtp.xml file for edit, find the following line and increase value (to 90 in my example). Do not increase value higher than 95 or you may break your speaker. <path name=”voice-handset”> <ctl name=”RX1 Digital Volume” value=”90″/> </path>

ORADeveloper. IDE for Oracle Databases on Android.

ORADeveloper is the first IDE for Oracle Databases on Android. Directly connect to an existing database without any middleware, browse objects, run user scripts, compile sources, and much more! Main features: – Multi-connection model allows you to execute multiple parallel queries – Database object browser makes it easy to operate objects, such as source compilation,… Read More »