ORADeveloper. IDE for Oracle Databases on Android.

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ORADeveloper is the first IDE for Oracle Databases on Android.
Directly connect to an existing database without any middleware, browse objects, run user scripts, compile sources, and much more!

Main features:
– Multi-connection model allows you to execute multiple parallel queries
– Database object browser makes it easy to operate objects, such as source compilation, trigger enabling, and viewing table data
– Inline result set editing; Update existing data, delete or insert new data easily
– Supports large objects; Work with BLOB, CLOB, BFILE just as with other table data
– Execute single sql, multiple sql or only a selected part of some script
– Query planning (you may need to execute utlxplan.sql manually if PLAN_TABLE does not exist)
– Table data export to CSV and SQL
– Writing and reading queries from files
– Undo/Redo
– Syntax highlighting
– Supports server output (DBMS_OUTPUT)
– Autocomplete engine provides faster development with preloaded keywords, database objects, function parameters and more
– Source editor can handle large packages
– Fast insource navigation
– Hideable application bars maximize editor space
– Sessions list

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